DESITE API Documentation - 2.2


DESITE MD provides an API to augment and to script the application.

Scripting is provided by four levels:

These four levels are reflected by the provided classes in this API.

Level 1 can handle property values only.

Level 2 provides function to change and augment models and their objects.

Level 3 can also get and set selection/visibility of objects, call viewpoints and material mappings. In this level navigation modes can be set and objects can be filtered.

Level 4 also provides signals to notify linked objects in a forms about changes in selection and visibility objects in the 3D-model.

Level 1 - User Defined Properties

Available JavaScript objects: desiteThisdesiteAPI

JavaScript object: desiteThis
Access to the current object. The current object is passed by desite to the running script.

Available methods:

// ID of current object
// Name of current object

JavaScript object: desiteAPI
Access to functionality of desite.

desiteAPI provide the methods of class desiteCore::CoreAPI


// get the id of the current object
var id = desiteThis.ID();
// get the value of property 'cpVolume'
var V = desiteAPI.getPropertyValue( id, 'cpVolume', 'xs:double' );
// the return value of the script, i.e. the value of the expression
Level 2 - Automation

Routines can be automated and triggered when a new model is added to the project, removed from the project or when the project is opened.

Available JavaScript objects: desiteThisdesiteAPIdesiteMap

Level 3 - Scripting the Project

Available JavaScript objects: desiteThisdesiteAPI

Level 4 - Scripting 'Input Forms'

JavaScript object 'desiteAPI' provides the methods of class desiteCore::NavigatorProjectAPI.

JavaScript object: desiteMD

Access to the input forms. Details see class desiteCoreGui::DataBaseWebInterfaceWidget.

Available methods:

dataChanged ()
reloadPage ()
string createPdfByTemplate (string templateFileName, string pdfFileName)

List of available domains:**

Geometry geometry
Time schedules, Activities activities
Documents documents
Building Structure building
Model Checking qa
Bill of Quantities boq
Quyntity Take-Off qto
Process Components pc
Clash Detection cd
Types type
Resources res
All Domains all

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